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Skin Care

Before your teenage daughter goes tanning the next time, you may want to show her what can happen as a result of her taking in the sun. The outcomes may be more surprising and frightening than one might think. A recent study on identical twins has proven that consistently bad habits through one’s life can show up through physical appearance. Two sisters, Jeanne and Susan, out of the 186 twins that were used for the study, demonstrated how sun exposure, alcohol, and stress make one look much older.

Jeanne and Susan were told as children and young adults that they always looked exactly alike to the point that people had trouble determining who was who. Now, at age 61, the difference is stark. Susan has more and deeper wrinkles, uneven hyperpigmentation, and loss of skin elasticity. Both led separate lives and had their own routines and habits as adults. Susan spent her time living in Florida, soaking up the sun and smoking roughly a pack and a half of cigarettes for about 15 years, until she quit in her 30′s. Jeanne, on the other hand, lived a simple life in Ohio, avoiding the sun’s rays and never smoking a cigarette in her life. The twins look so different now that when they meet people, they only call each other sisters, instead of saying they are identical twins.

The research from this study portrays that one’s lifestyle has a lot to do with how one ages and that it does not necessarily have to do with someone’s genetics.  But having good genes cannot hurt. It’s that old adage – nature vs. nurture. In the twins’ case, nature prevailed.