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What to Expect after Skin Graft Surgery

Skin grafts are an important surgical procedure to help patients who’ve lost skin due to infection, skin cancer, ulcers, burns, and other trauma or conditions. If you’re about to have skin graft surgery in Orange County, you may be concerned with the recovery and what happens following the surgery. Although every skin graft isn’t the same,…

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Why Skin Transplants Are Best for Burns and Wounds

There are some occasions where large skin cancer defects, (the area left open after skin cancer removal) require a skin graft or skin transplant. Additionally, If you’ve been moderately to severely burned, you may need a skin graft or skin transplant. A skin graft or skin transplant will help your skin to heal and repair.…

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Reasons to Treat Basal Cell Carcinoma with Surgery

Each year, it’s important to see your physician and have a skin check completed. During this check, your physician or dermatologist will inspect your skin for any abnormalities. These could be moles, freckles, or spots. If there is a discoloration or something suspicious, they may recommend having the area removed or biopsied. In some cases,…

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The Facts about Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

Following a skin cancer diagnosis, a treatment plan is usually formed. This treatment could include surgery, non-surgical treatments, radiation, or a combination of these. Once your treatment is complete, you may need additional reconstructive surgery to repair the site and to help you feel more confident in your skin again. Before undergoing reconstructive surgery for…

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